Saturday, September 18, 2010

Il-Karozzin (Maltese Horse & Cab)

Il-Karozzin” or “The Horsedrawn Carriage” was a popular means of transport in the Maltese islands in olden days. This means of transport was a common scene and one could see and hear the sound of hooves beating and clicking on the ground as the horsedrawn carriage passed through villages and towns, through the countryside and also along coast roads of the Maltese islands. The poor people depended on the horsedrawn carriage to take them on errands outside their village. The Horse Drawn Carriage was also used on special feasts and occasions such as Carnival or a wedding ceremony. Today the horsedrawn carriage is popular among tourists who would like to go round our magnificent and silent old capital city Imdina and today’s capital city Valletta.

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