Thursday, August 26, 2010

Golden Bay, Malta

Golden Bay is one of Malta's most popular sandy beaches in the North of the island. It is set among countryside and is relatively undeveloped. Apart from its beautiful sandy beach there are also many exciting watersports available such as canoeing, pedalboats, paragliding and so on....
The spectacular sunsets at this beach have made it a favourite spot for evening bbq's. Although relatively safe for swimming, this bay is prone to strong under currents when the wind is to the northwest.
On a personal note, I would recommend the paragliding because not only is it exhilirating but you get a bird's eye view of the amazing surrounding bays in these parts.

Monday, August 23, 2010

St.George's Bay,Birzebbuga

Another bay situated as you are going out of Birzebbuga is St.George's Bay. This bay is mainly used for docking boats mainly fishing boats and privately owned pleasure crafts.
An interesting fact about this bay is the findings of "cart ruts" believed to have been formed since 2000BC, although this is still a mystery.
Numerous theories about how these tracks were created are the following:

* Goods were transported here on sledges which gouged the tracks into the rock.
* The tracks are real cart ruts for transporting goods.
* It is an irrigation system.(taken from Wikipedia)

Underwater Cart Ruts and crossing St Georges Bay

The Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at St Georges Bay are located beside Triq Ghar Dalam, these appear to cross the bay. Also in the bay but perpendicular to the the thin road side ones, are much larger underwater Cart Ruts.
The Cart Ruts going into St Georges bay seem to stop at the waters edge although the rock shelf itself stops a few yards further on. There are "boulders" on the sea floor which may be the broken remains of the sandstone shelf. Beyond this is the normal sandy sea floor bed of the bay. (taken from

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My hometown...Birzebbuga

For my first official post, the village where I have grown up and still live in, Birzebbuga. The photo for today is of Pretty Bay where we spend most of our summer holidays enjoying a swim and a chat with friends.

Birżebbuġa is a small but flourishing seaside resort not far from Marsaxlokk in south-east Malta. It is approximately 8 miles from the City of Valletta. Popular among Maltese holiday-makers for decades, this village is perhaps best known for its important archaeological sites, especially Għar Dalam and "Borg in-Nadur" and a sandy beach commonly known as "Pretty Bay". The village name "Birżebbuġa", from the Maltese, means a "well of olives".

Birżebbuġa's coat of arms shows a blue chevron and olive branch on a white field. The blue represents the nearby waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the olive branch the major importance of olives to the local economy, in former times.(Wikipedia)

Hello...I'm back!

sunset over Golden Bay, Malta

After quite a long break from blogging, I have decided to start posting again. I sincerely hope all you bloggers new & "old" will enjoy reading my posts, and hopefully I'll be able to somehow give you a view of our beautiful Maltese Islands and their history!

On a personal note...I'd like to remember my wonderful mum today as it's the 16th year from her passing......and the beautiful sunset is dedicated to her memory....

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.