Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glass Blowing workshop

Here in Malta, one can see and buy any glass ornament from Mdina Glass at Ta Qali Crafts Village.

Origins of the art of glass blowing

Glassblowing is a glass forming technique which was invented by the Phoenicians at approximately 50 BC somewhere along the Syro-Palestinian coast. The earliest evidence of glassblowing comes from a collection of waste from a glass workshop, including fragments of glass tubes, glass rods and tiny blown bottles, which was dumped in a mikvah, a ritual bath in the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem dated from 37 to 4 BC[8][12][17] Some of the glass tubes recovered are fire-closed at one end and are partially inflated by blowing through the open end while still hot to form small bottle, thus they are considered as a rudimentary form of blowpipe.[9] Hence, tube blowing not only represents the initial attempts of experimentation by glassworkers at blowing glass, it is also a revolutionary step the induced a change in conception and a deep understanding of glass.[


  1. I've never been here but I've seen their work and I think it's beautiful. Maybe one day I will buy me a present ;)

  2. You may buy glassware from the Mdina Glass online shop. They offer worldwide shipping.
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