Monday, March 5, 2012

National Museum of Natural History , Mdina

The National Museum of Natural History is the national repository of biological specimens and represents both life and earth sciences.

The Museum houses some historically important collections, with the reference collection holding over 10,000 rocks and minerals, over 3,500 birds, birds’ eggs and nests, 200 mammals, over 200 fish species, thousands of local and exotic shells and insects. The fossil collection is also noteworthy as it contains a number of large fish, numerous species of sea urchins and other marine fauna found embedded in limestone rocks.

The museum focuses mainly on the faunal aspects of natural sciences and the current displays cover themes such as human evolution, insects, birds, habitats and marine ecosystems. The Geology and Palaeontology displays are of particular merit and are of both local and international interest. The museum also houses a reference library on natural sciences.(taken from

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