Thursday, August 19, 2010

My hometown...Birzebbuga

For my first official post, the village where I have grown up and still live in, Birzebbuga. The photo for today is of Pretty Bay where we spend most of our summer holidays enjoying a swim and a chat with friends.

Birżebbuġa is a small but flourishing seaside resort not far from Marsaxlokk in south-east Malta. It is approximately 8 miles from the City of Valletta. Popular among Maltese holiday-makers for decades, this village is perhaps best known for its important archaeological sites, especially Għar Dalam and "Borg in-Nadur" and a sandy beach commonly known as "Pretty Bay". The village name "Birżebbuġa", from the Maltese, means a "well of olives".

Birżebbuġa's coat of arms shows a blue chevron and olive branch on a white field. The blue represents the nearby waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the olive branch the major importance of olives to the local economy, in former times.(Wikipedia)


  1. Good post!! I love the heading photo...where's that exactly?

  2. Ramla Bay in Gozo on a stormy day, it still was beautiful to walk on the beach and enjoy the waves coming in!